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Custom branded content and/or templates as well as ad design for most social media platforms. Most asked for:

Instagram Posts & Stories

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads., Google Ads

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COUNTRY~RIVER is a small concierge & co-hosting business in the Northern Neck of Virginia catering to vacation homeowners and owners of short-term rentals. The brand caters to a client who has a vacation property and/or love for this specific region of the country in particular. The social content focuses on this, as well as keeping things lighthearted but always letting you know they are there to lend a helping hand.


kit+bo is a concept designed for an online retailer selling organically and eco-sourced children's clothing and toys. 

The colors are based on garments that have been naturally dyed while the graphics are based on plants that are used for that natural dye. The paint effect and patterns are inspired by children having fun with drawing and art in general, and this helps to keep the brand light, airy, and a bit whimsical. 

The font is a mixture of a very round sans font that is straightforward and simple, while the secondary font is a script that is slightly exaggerated and askew. Both of the fonts work together to keep the brand focused with a child-like sensibility.


goFARA is a concept design for a travel brand focused on exploring and traveling around the arctic areas and seas. The overall branding is deeply inspired by Iceland and Nordic countries. The colors are a combination of the land, sea, and weather found there.

goFARA as a name is a play on words. "Fara" is the Icelandic word for "go" and is pronounced "far - ah". Putting the English "go" in front of "fara" plays with the notion of telling you to "go far", to travel further and explore more.

The graphics were created from the Icelandic magical stave Vegvísir - a symbol used for guidance and protection, or "That Which Shows the Way". The smaller graphics are from the tips of the Vegvísir, while the asterisk-like core of the stave was combined to create the geometric pattern(s).

The fonts are a combination of clean lines inspired by Scandinavian design, and one with a handwritten feel influenced by journal writing.


Fitz & Gatsby is a concept design for a luxury event and party rental business. As the name suggests, the brand is a play on F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" and centers around a celebratory but classic aesthetic. Black and white keeps the branding clean and sophisticated, while splashes of gold help illuminate the levity and spirited personality of a company that wants you to have the best party ever.

tiffany amber krystal

Tiffany Amber Krystal has big dreams. She's a Southern girl who's got Hollywood aspirations and recently moved to Culver City, California. She is currently living in a motel - as many actors before her have - and living her best Cali life.

This is a brand that pulls from the personality of its focus character, Tiffany Amber Krystal. TAK is spunky, vibrant, and has just the perfect amount of kitsch. Bright colors, sparkle, and confetti are used to pull in a slightly 80s vibe while the headline font has a handwritten feel - as if Tiffany Amber Krystal was writing all of the messages just for you.



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