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The Seacrest Bed & Breakfast is located on the island of Inis Mór, one of the Aran Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean west of Galway City, Ireland.

Many visitors to the island spend at least one night as the ferry ride is an hour-long each way and the island itself is worth exploring. There are several places to stay on Inis Mór and Seacrest needed a way to stand out.


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The colors chosen matched the stone, moss, and foamy waves that hit the shore and the design itself was based on the name, Seacrest.  It was important to use a font that would be easy to use by the owners in the future on their own.


Photographs were taken of the island and the B&B, which were used on the site and social media. Both the  website and social media are now updated and maintained by the family.


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