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goFARA is a concept project showcasing a travel-focused brand that publishes monthly travel magazines as well as merchandise that helps you capture travel memories.

The overall branding is deeply inspired by Iceland and Nordic countries. The colors are a combination of the land, sea, and weather found there.

goFARA as a name is a play on words. "Fara" is the Icelandic word for "go" and is pronounced "far - ah". Putting the English "go" in front of "fara" plays with the notion of telling you to "go far", to travel further and explore more.

The graphics were created from the Icelandic magical stave Vegvísir - a symbol used for guidance and protection, or "That Which Shows the Way". The smaller graphics are from the tips of the Vegvísir, while the asterisk-like core of the stave was combined to create the geometric pattern(s).

The fonts are a combination of clean lines inspired by Scandinavian design, and one with a handwritten feel influenced by journal writing.



Currently in Iceland

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